The journey your pants take at the dry cleaners

Do you wonder what happens after you leave your clothes at the dry cleaners? In this post, I’ll take you through the steps your favorite pants will take after you drop them off.

  1. Pre-inspection and mark-in

After entering your pants into our software system, we inspect them for stains and check pockets. Then we attach a tag, so we know they belong to you!

  1. Pre-Treatment

We pre-treat any stains at the stain removal board. We have an assortment of stain removal agents used to treat different types of stains from coffee with cream & sugar, to grass stains, to mud or salt rings on the cuffs.

  1. Cleaning

Next, we check the care label and determine the best cleaning method for your pants. Fabric content, colour, stains, and any trims will impact this decision. At Crouse’s Cleaners, we have three methods to choose from – dry cleaning, wet cleaning or washing. We then put your pants in the appropriate machine for cleaning.

  1. Pressing

We hang your pants for pressing. Before hanging, we inspect them again to make sure we didn’t miss any stains the first time. Then, they are put on a machine for pre-conditioning. The machine blows steam and then air through your pants. Your pants are then laid on the press for ironing.

  1. Inspection and Assembly

Lastly, once your pants are cleaned and pressed they are sent for inspection and assembly. We do one final inspection for cleanliness and finishing quality. We use the tag we attached at mark-in to help us match them up to you! We put a bag over them, hang them on the conveyor and they are ready and waiting to go back in your closet!