Coverall Cleaning

At Crouse’s Cleaners we have built our reputation on how clean we can get the greasiest and muddiest coveralls.  Try out our coverall cleaning service and let us prove to you what we can do.

Work Gloves

When you’re done with your Green Kings, are they black? At Crouse’s Cleaners, we have specialized cleaning cycles designed for getting your Green Kings green again!

Coverall Repairs

Did your coveralls get caught on a piece of equipment at work? Or, have they been working as hard as you have been? We repair small to large holes and rips in your coveralls.  We can replace zippers, fix snaps or hem your coveralls.  Repairs take just an extra two weekdays.  All repairs are done with fire retardant thread and zippers.




Cotton Gloves (Green Kings)


Insulated Jacket or Bib


Coverall Repairs





Zipper Replacement


Zipper Head