Coverall Cleaning

At Crouse’s Cleaners we have built our reputation on how clean we can get the greasiest and muddiest coveralls.  Try out our coverall cleaning service and let us prove to you what we can do.

Work Gloves

When you’re done with your Green Kings, are they black? At Crouse’s Cleaners, we have specialized cleaning cycles designed for getting your Green Kings green again!

Coverall Repairs

Did your coveralls get caught on a piece of equipment at work? Or, have they been working as hard as you have been? We repair small to large holes and rips in your coveralls.  We can replace zippers, fix snaps or hem your coveralls.  Repairs take just an extra two weekdays.  All repairs are done with fire retardant thread and zippers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I get my own gloves back?

Yes! We use large laundry pins to pin your gloves together. You may notice a small hole in the cuff of the glove from the pin. We then put a numbered tag on each pin that will match up with your order after they are cleaned. Accidents can happen and the pins may fall apart in cleaning. But 99% of the time, they should be your gloves.

We use an aggressive cycle with high heats and industrial detergents to get the gloves as clean as we can. It is expected that a pair of green kings last about fives wears/cycles.

If you feel that you have not received the correct gloves or you have been shorted, please let us know.

Will my coveralls shrink?

All new garments can be expected to shrink up to 2-3%. If you find that more shrinkage is happening this can be the result of coveralls being washed or dried on a heat that is too high. We watch both of these variables very closely to ensure that coveralls don’t shrink. Also, coveralls should not shrink more than 2-3% in the dry cleaning process as wash and dry temperatures are tightly controlled.

What if I received the wrong coveralls or am missing coveralls when I picked up my order?

Please let us know! We process a large quantity of coveralls and even though mistakes rarely happen, they can still occur. We use a system where we put a tag on the coverall which will match up with your order. We leave these tags on the coveralls to help us figure out where they could have gone. We have camera’s at each point in our process that enable us to go back and track garments.

There is also the possibility that we have split your order for repairs or if you had a large order you may not have received all the packages back. The more information you can provide about your coveralls and your order is helpful in identifying any issues.

How do you clean the coveralls?

We dry clean all coveralls. Dry cleaning is the best method to remove heavy oil and grease stains that are most common in the oilfield industry. We use premium detergents and have created the best cycles to give the highest quality product!

Do you check pockets?

We do check pockets. However, coveralls have a lot of pockets and items can still be missed. Please check your pockets prior to dropping off your coveralls for anything that may be of value. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee the safe return of items left in pockets.

Can I set-up an account for my company?

Absolutely. You can fill out a credit application and email it to You can choose to be billed net 30 or you can leave a credit card on account to be charged monthly. Statements and invoices can be emailed or mailed on the first business day of each month for the prior month’s charges. If you have questions about setting up an account feel free to contact Kathleen at or 780-532-7610.




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