Wash & Fold Laundry

Can you do your laundry at home?

Probably, but it takes away precious time.

Our research shows the average household spends about 7 hours a week on laundry.

What could you do with an extra 7 hours a week?

Your time is your most valuable resource, do you really want to spend it doing laundry?

You could be: socializing, golfing, hiking, reading with your children, working out, fishing, at the
spa, at the pool…enjoying life not doing chores.

You may already outsource house cleaning, detailing your car, and maybe even cutting your grass

Outsourcing household chores, like laundry, is a good investment.

An extra 7 hours is like gaining an extra day off every week.

What about the privacy of your personal garments?

We know that your clothing is precious and personal to you.

As garment care specialists, you can trust us to be professional with all your clothes.

We make it easy:

You can choose to drop it off and pick it up the same day (in by 10 AM, ready by 4 PM)

or we offer pickup and delivery.

Pricing depends on what you need

We sort, wash, dry, and fold your laundry for $2.97 per pound.

The average load of household laundry is 10 pounds.

You can bring us all of your laundry or just take some of the load off your to-do list.

We encourage you to start with two or three loads. See if it’s for you and discover what might work the best.

Email or call us to reclaim your laundry days: info@crousescleaners.com or 780-532-7610.