Three Styles of Winter Jackets

Where we live, we spend a lot of time in our winter jacket and we know you want to look great! Do you ever wonder the best method to clean the winter jackets in your closet? Let’s talk about three common styles of winter coats, and the best cleaning method for each one.


  1. Dress Coat

Often dress coats are made of wool. Wool is one fabric that is dry clean only. If it goes in your home washing machine it will ‘felt’ or shrink. Unfortunately, once wool shrinks it can never be stretched out again. Typically, the best way to clean a dress coat is by dry cleaning it.


  1. Ski Jacket

Your ski jacket is your “go to” on the cold days or when you are out tobogganing with your kids or on the ski hill. They are often filled with a synthetic material. These jackets can easily be washed and dried. However, if you have a dirty collar and cuffs or other stains on the jacket you can’t get out, bring it to Crouse’s Cleaners. We are likely able to get those stains out and will have it looking a lot better! If not, like new.


  1. Down Coat

We know what it’s like to see bitter cold days in our northern community and those are the days we are thankful for a down coat. Down means your coat is filled with feathers, which give a lot of warmth. It’s often thought that down should be dry cleaned, but that’s not usually the case. At Crouse’s Cleaners, we actually launder most down items as dry cleaning removes the oils from the feathers. Then we have large dryers that give your big down coats lots of room and time to dry.


Do you have a coat that doesn’t fit into one of these three categories? Feel free to send us a message and we’d be happy to let you know the best cleaning method for it!