Dry Cleaning & Garment Care

VIP Bags

The next time you are in, ask us for your free VIP Bag! The bag has a tag on it with contact information, so each time you come in, you can drop your bag and be on your way in seconds!


Is ironing a chore you dread? Let us do it for you! We offer pressing service on clean garments for 30% off the cleaning price.

Stain Removal

Have a stain that you’re worried may not come out? For the best chances of removing the stain bring it to the stain removal experts at Crouse’s Cleaners. We have years of expertise at getting out the toughest stains.

Some things to remember:

  • Bring the stained garment to us as soon as possible.  The longer the stain is in the garment the more difficult it can be to remove.
  • We have the best chance of removing the stain if it has not been touched. It can be set with washing and drying at home.
  • Make sure to tell us about the stain when you drop off the garment.  It is helpful to know what the stain is and where it is located so it can be addressed immediately.


Not happy with the way your button up shirts look after you pull them out of the dryer? Our shirt cleaning and pressing service is a very affordable way to keep you looking professional. Wow your boss, your customers, or even your Grandmother. Bring your shirts to Crouse’s. You won’t ever want to wear a shirt you’ve just pulled out of the dryer again!

Casual Wear

At Crouse’s Cleaners we do not limit our services to items that are dry clean only. We clean and press everything in your closet, even the everyday garments like jeans or golf shirts. If you want all of your clothes to look and feel great, bring them to us!

Dry Cleaning



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Formal Gown

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